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Venmark Capital Advisors is a capital advisory and strategic consulting firm. It serves its clients at the intersection of consulting and investment banking. It does this by taking a consultative, versus transactional approach, to helping its clients contemplate and prepare for a financing, sale, or acquisition. If it is determined that a transaction opportunity is consistent with the client’s core values and has an acceptable risk/return profile, Venmark is there the rest of the way to provide full transactional support. 

Venmark’s Clients

Closely held businesses, corporations, independent private equity sponsors, turnaround specialists, institutional lenders, family offices, investment funds, and accelerator programs look to Venmark for strategic development, financing, and buy-side/sell-side advice. 

The Venmark Approach

Venmark Capital has a wealth of experience managing the institutional transaction process, and in securing debt/equity commitments from loan/investment committees. It takes a seasoned and proven approach to preparing materials and conducting due diligence, moving through the negotiating and closing process, as well as managing and monitoring loans, investments, and stakeholder relationships over time. Venmark’s clients are prepared and know what to expect throughout the transaction process.

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Venmark Capital Advisors, LLC is not a Financial Industry Regulatory Association (“FINRA”) registered broker-dealer and is not a Securities and Exchange Commission registered investment advisor.